Kevin Hackett aka Moabyte is a digital media jockey, currently living in Mesa, Arizona. He heads a collective of audio and video artists called the AAA Posse: All-Night Audiovisual Assassins and an new project as of 2009, Digital Media Jockey

Kevin Hackett began a lifetime love of cutting edge music in the late 70’s with post punk icons Blondie, Joy Division, Soft Cell, The Ramones and Iggy Pop. The influence of this sonically charged music, blended with modern art concepts, was the breeding ground for his independent and creative thought.

As a teenager growing up in Denver, Colorado, Moabyte consumed all the information he could find on electronic music and culture. This led him to his first experiences as a DJ and the underground night life of an 80?s club kid. As part of the counter culture of the early 80?s, Moabyte quickly fell in love with the 80’s new wave and industrial music coming out of Europe. Groups like Kraftwerk, OMD, The Cure, Duran Duran, Front 242, Front Line Assemble and Skinny Puppy were regulars on his turntables. However, it would be his love of another great electronic group that would change the course of his life forever, Depeche Mode.

In 1987, Kevin, along with the help of 2 friends began to write and publish a small fanzine about the legendary UK Band and in 1988 they founded BONG Magazine and incorporated as The Master Servant, Inc. In 1990 BONG became the official Depeche Mode fan club magazine for the UK and was given permissions to act as the Official North American fan club. Kevin spent several years publishing BONG Magazine for Depeche Mode and traveled with them on 3 tours. This jet setting life style exposed Moabyte to all kinds of different music and life styles that continue to influence him today.

In late 1994, during a rather trying time for DM, Kevin and others, including Alan Wilder, decided to part ways. Shortly after his departure from Depeche Mode he moved to Moab, Utah for a much needed escape from the world of electronic music and touring. During that time Moabyte reconnected with his love for music and decided it was time to begin to produce his own blend of electronic music and start DJing again. In 1996, music technology was just starting to shift to computer-based tools and Kevin immediately took and interest in using these new musical programs. His DJ name, Moabyte reflects his interest for music technology (byte) and Moab. Isolated from industry consumer pop influences, Moabyte developed a style of blending all genres of music into his high energy sets, starting off spinning on the community radio station in Moab two times a week and in the local bars and clubs on the weekends. Soon after The All Night Audio Assassins were born in 1999 with the help of DJs 13a, 4evagreen and Falcotronik. As a crew the AAA Posse was legendary for taking over the airwaves until the sun rose.

The mission of the AAA Posse: All-Night Audiovisual Assassins is to promote electronic dance music, the culture it creates, the life styles it inspires, the people that promote it, and the artists that create the music. This is accomplished through the collective art of DJing, VJing, graphic and motion design, producing and promoting events, participating in weekly radio broadcasts, charting current tracks, reviewing new music and anything else that positively promotes EDM. This is more than just music, its life.

"The All-night Audio Assassins began in 1999 as a DJ radio crew in Moab Utah where we became well known for our all-night pirate radio shows, often spinning until the sun rose. In 2002 I relocated to Bisbee, Arizona where I began the first steps to take the AAA Posse to a new level of excellence within EDM community. One of these steps included a serous dedication to live video mixing and live AV performances. In 2003 I moved to Tucson, Arizona and changed the audio to audiovisual in the collective name, changed my status as a DJ/VJ to DMJ, short for digital Media Jockey, and unleashed my unique blend of live video mixing to rave audiences in Phoenix and Tucson. In 2008, after 5 very successful years as a DMJ, more than 200+ shows, I relocated to Phoenix, which is where the majority of my shows are. I have spent the last 5+ years actively living my dream as an EDM graphic artist, DJ, VJ, producer and promoter. Today I am proud to call myself a DMJ, short for Digital Media Jockey, which more accurately describes my love and dedication to the digital arts."

In the past 7 years Kevin has performed at over 300 events alongside countless local and international artists. Moabyte is well known for pushing the boundaries of creativity within the audiovisual arts community and finding new ways to inspire and entertain his audiences has always been an important part of what he does.

In 2009 Kevin decided to take a break from the hectic every-weekend schedule and focus on new content and redirect his energies to AV and more out of the box presentation and performance. In 2012 he emerged and slowly began a process of learning new technology and adopting emerging technologies that are allowing artists to move way beyond the single box screen to a multiverse of objects and shapes. Projectors are getting brighter, more powerful, and with resolutions that bring things to life and incredible clarity and size. Kevin has been doing shows off and on again for 5 years developing ways of using multiple projectors to create wrap around enclosures around a stage.  He is also exploring the art of scratch and turn table arts and how abstract video and live cinema can performed  to work together, bringing a new level of excitement to both arts.   There many ideas Moabyte is exploring, and 2018 and 2019 are bring him even closer to turning even more dreams into goals.

Kevin has more than 30 years under his belt as a DJ and 15 as a Video Artist. 

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